Help Yourself Heal Faster

If you’ve suffered certain types of injuries, Compression Plus can help you recover. It’s our mission to make you feel better by alleviating your pain or debilitating condition through the power of fitted compression garments. And if you’re elderly or have a handicap that limits your mobility, we’ll come to you!


Have you suffered a serious burn and want to heal quickly? Would you like to minimize future scarring? Compression therapy for burns in Hoover, AL is a doctor-recommended treatment that can work for you.

Compression Plus understands that burns are some of the most painful injuries you can experience. That’s why we offer certified, custom made burn garments to help you:

• Minimize keloid scarring
• Circulate blood
• Reduce itching

Call Compression Plus at (205) 637-7771 to schedule a fitting for burn compression garments in Hoover, AL.